July 27, 2014 kinglyte

Anthony Acosta

Anthony “The Antman” Acosta

Comedian/ Writer/ Actor and Voted “Top Performer” for Cruise Lines

Taking dysfunctional family life to dizzying new heights, Anthony “The Ant-man” Acosta describes a universal home life all of us can hysterically relate to in one way or another.

A celebrated stand-up veteran of the New York comedy scene, and a favorite on the comedy circuit, Anthony’s had a showcase on Showtime’s Latino Laugh Festival and Comic Relief. That was closely followed by a guest spot on BET’s Comic View and appearances on the television shows Comedy Picante and The DVD release of The Comedy Jump Off.

Performing in theaters and arenas across North America since his early twenties, the wildly popular Anthony has opened for comedy superstars such as: Andrew “Dice” Clay, Lisa Lampanelli, and Eddie Griffin, among others.

Currently touring on the Carnival Cruise Lines fleet, Anthony has been named one of cruise lines “Top 5 Performers.” Never one to drop anchor in just one place, Anthony has numerous writing credits ranging from animation and print, to commercial work. He has been a writer/creator of a popular animated series Lugar Heights featured on Galavision and MTV.

And he’s hard at work on his new animated series named “Ship Happens”, which is being tagged as the next “Simpsons.”

His animated, character-based humor, with a dash of good old New York attitude, draws from his family and unique up-bringing–resulting in sidesplitting routines.

A steady gig at the Comic Strip Live (home of Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and Adam Sandler) where he was billed as the “The Ant-man,” gave him a comedy catapult. He created a set that was both engaging and visual. Consequently, Anthony has headlined in nearly every major comedy club on the East and West coasts.