It escapes the imagination that many of the top artists listened to worldwide come from Florida. R&B/pop singer Ariana Grande, bro-country duo Florida Georgia Line, rapper DJ Khaled, Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, and O-Town, all chart-topping artists and the list goes on.

The music industry undercurrents are stirring again with the phenomenal brother duo, Coleton and Logen Pickett, known as 3Dimensional. They bring a hybrid form of POP, R&B, and RAP skills capable of wowing any crowd. In addition, they are excellent songwriters, musicians and dancers. Their debut single “Netflicks & Chill” has garnered 1.7 million YouTube views and continues to gain momentum across all of social media.

This resulted in 3DIMENSIONAL being discovered by Amazon Best Selling author Willie Stewart who is managing them through his company 2MCH4YA Global Entertainment.

Julie Scoggins

A former trucker, pooper scooper, & charm school graduate from Charlotte, North Carolina, Julie has been touring as a full time standup comedian for over 15 years. On the road approximately 36 weeks a year with one week a month set aside for “marriage preservation”. She loves riding her motorcycle to gigs & you’ll frequently see her 2004 Harley Road King parked outside the club, theater, radio, or TV station.Julie’s regularly heard on XM/Sirius Blue Collar Radio, as well as many syndicated stations including the John Boy & Billy Show, and the Bob & Sheri Show, (Charlotte, NC), & the Bob & Tom Show (Indianapolis, IN).

A Southern girl with universal appeal, Julie’s shows sell out from Florida to Oregon. Folks actually WANT to sit in the front row & have been known to return a second night, just so they can bring friends that haven’t yet seen her.
“Phyllis Diller started comedy at 37 years old & so did I. She went on to have a fabulous career that lasted over 40 years. I hope to be just as fortunate. It’s so awesome to be doing exactly what I feel like I’m meant to do!”.
After living on a boat in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, Julie & her husband, Mark moved back to the states in 1997. It was time to make her next career move after being a sales rep for Frito-Lay. “I sold Doritos on an island where 50% of the people smoked pot! Talk about a market niche…”

While she & her husband were deciding their next career moves, they went to open mike nights at the Charlotte, NC Comedy Zone. “It was all guys & they were SO awful! Mark said I was funnier, so I gave it a try. I was immediately hooked & have been performing ever since!”

Matthew Schuler

Matthew Schuler was born just twenty minutes outside of Philadelphia in Bucks County Pennsylvania to Pastors Donald and Dawn Schuler. Early on he found he had a deep passion for music and its affect on the people around him. Not only did Matthew sing in his parents church growing up, he started a band and joined various exclusive choirs before starring in theatrical productions in high school that prepped him for a future career in music. Matthew spent two years in college at Bucks County Community College and later West Chester University where his faith and leadership skills were sharpened through extracurricular activities and organizations. In his second semester at West Chester, Matthew took the first steps towards pursuing his dream as an artist by auditioning for NBC’s Emmy award-winning competition reality series The Voice. During Matthew’s blind audition he broke the record for the fastest 4-chair turn in The Voice history, which ultimately led to joining team Christina Aguilera. His time on The Voice was hailed by performances of iconic songs from Cosmic Love by Florence and The Machine and Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball, One Direction’s Story of my Life and most notably his rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah which hit number one on the iTunes Charts and #40 on the Billboard Charts. Matthew is currently pursuing a career in music and acting.

Tito Jackson

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Tito Jackson’s poetic lyrics, irrepressible vocals, and evocative musicianship are a faint reflection of the remarkable gifts that characterize Gary, Indiana’s native son. Born Toriano Adaryll Jackson, Tito has spent his entire life enchanting music lovers with soulful harmonies interwoven with curvaceous rhythms as a member of Motown’s greatest discovery, The Jacksons (Jackson 5), and presently as a multi-faceted solo artist. Tito’s unyielding passion for blues, R&B, pop, and other music forms is the secret to his boundless energy and rare achievements in the ever-changing entertainment spectrum.

In 1962, before the Jackson 5 and the Jacksons, Tito performed in a local group called The Jackson Brothers. After competing and winning local talent shows in and around Gary, the precocious brothers were victorious again on the most prestigious amateur stage of all — Manhattan’s Apollo Theater. In that same year Tito and his brothers made their first studio recording (local label), titled “Big Boy.” Not only did it turn out to be a local hit, but it set the stage for a partnership with Motown Records (1969) and subsequent appearances on the top-rated Ed Sullivan Show, American Bandstand, Soul Train, and later, their own primetime television series in 1976, on CBS. In addition to this, Tito and his brothers’ soaring popularity with America’s youth was so captivating that they were captioned in a Saturday morning, ABC TV animation series.

Tito and his brothers signed with Epic Records and officially came under a new name, The Jackson’s, in 1976. In 1978 he co-wrote the songs “Everybody,” “Destiny,” and “Push Away” for his new record label. As the group The Jackson’s, including Tito, they self-produced the Destiny album. Later, for the Victory Album Tito produced, wrote, and sang on “We Can Change The World,” which was featured on their popular Victory Tour.

A father of three young men (Taj, Taryll, and TJ), known to the music world as 3T, Tito works closely with his sons. This is consistent with the fine direction that he received from his loving mother Katherine and his caring father Joe. In addition to working with sisters Janet, Rebbie, and La Toya, Tito has worked with countless fine musicians, singers, and producers, such as the preeminent production team of Gamble & Huff, LA Reid & Baby Face, and the versatile Howard Hewitt.

One of the performing highlights of the remarkable career of Tito Jackson is the unforgettable reunion performance on one of histories most watched television specials, Motown 25. The show signaled a pivotal point in his dazzling career and an auspicious focus on likely the greatest performer to ever grace a stage, Michael Jackson. In 1997 Tito and his brothers were ceremonially honored as inductees of the well-respected Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Tito’s initial success with the recording masterpieces “I Want You Back,” “Never Can Say Goodbye”, “I’ll Be There,” (best selling single in Motown’s history), and other mega-hits is the genesis of an indefatigable trek into modern musical immortality. Tito Jackson’s eclectic musical arrow is aimed in the direction of diverse genres, R& B, blues, and pop. And at this juncture, Tito plans a series of recording ventures that will include a solo debut album featuring a caravan of styles. Although some of his numerous influences include blues greats Albert Collins and B.B. King, in reality his musical tastes defy nomenclature. Some projects will include collaborations with his son’s group, 3T, while other CD’s may involve his creative siblings along with collaborations from an assemblage of noteworthy artists. However, make no mistake about it, most of his work will consist of impressive solo projects with songs that are arranged, produced, and performed by Tito himself. Presently he is in the process of completing his new project for a 2009 global release. By doing this, fans around the globe will experience the true essence of Tito Jackson as a premier solo artist and as one of music industries’ group icons. Tito and his band, sporting a frenetic pulse, will also rock the world again through a number of riveting live shows.

The measure of Tito Jackson’s influence can be best captured by expressions such as these: “One of the kindest, more pleasant people in show business,” said a major entertainment publicist. His brother Michael also had this to say about him, “Tito is very quiet and soft, but can be really strong when necessary. He’s always there when we need him and manages to project an inner calm which is vital within a family unit ”. Those statements have proven to be consistently true through the ups and downs of the exciting but rigorous show business lifestyle. As an international artist, the demure Tito has garnered great respect from his peers and fans alike. His emphasis on fairness and loyalty in the music business community is a hallmark of his aplomb and selfless style.

Tito’s love of music can be transcended only by his undying love of God, family, and friends. Tito’s mark on music history and the rich legacy that he established is one that has stood the test of time and is one that will flourish for as long as there is a song to sing!

– Phil Brown

Koran Supreme

Born in Brooklyn, NY and growing up in the 90s, Koran was often exposed to the golden era of hip-hop with many talented artists that he looked up to. As he got older he started to realize that this talent quickly diminished and a new genre of music with little to no positive messages surfaced, and not just in his area but all around the world. He hated it. He had a deep nostalgia to the music he once grew up with. Koran used to always perform in front of his bedroom mirror with a remote control and free styled over Old Dirty Bastard beats and the underground rugged beats that his father used to produce. When he turned 13 he harnessed that rugged nature into a story of life and what he saw nowadays. The journey has not been easy, especially since people around his age are influenced into the negative music, but he would like to share some truths and positives in his life, that he is sure many of us can relate to, and what we hope to become one day: Successful. KORAN SUPREME has recently been performing City wide , he has performed for the CITY GYM BOYS FASHION SHOW hosted by HOT 97 K. FOXX at Club Slate. Performed at Club Brooklyn Nights hosted by Drop On Top Entertainment, and he has recently opened up for YMCMB CORY GUNZ at Club Rebel. SUPREME has also teamed up with the Independent Label and Management Firm ACES NATION run by Mario King Lyte where he continues to grow and develop his talent.

The Click

The Click is from Ormond Beach Florida. They have been playing the Daytona Beach area “Hot Spots” for the last 10 years including The Mai Tai Bar in Daytona Beach’s Ocean Walk Shoppes, Frank’s Front Row on Seabreeze Blvd. in Daytona Beach, Finn’s Beachside Pub on A1A in Flagler Beach and various street festivals and events throughout the year. Their set list includes rock/reggae/alternative/hard rock hits from the 70’s – today.c


In Kingston Jamaica, a star was born. At three years old he moved to the hills of Spaldings, in the parish of Clarendon. Kevin Davy, aka “Yvad” has been in the music business since he was a child, playing the guitar, piano & voicing in the choir of the Moravian Church. His musical inspiration came from his uncle & his grandfather during that time. Yvad eventually bloomed into a realistic music song writer, producer & singer. He has created his own genre to be the true art form of reggae culture music. After graduating from high school (Knox College) in 1993, Yvad embarked upon a mission to build on his music career in Kingston. During that time Yvad was already inspired by the music of the legendary Bob Marley & Peter Tosh. Upon arriving in Kingston, Yvad could not wait to visit Tuff Gong. One day while at the Tuff Gong Museum, Yvad was doing an acoustic piece with his guitar when he was approached by Stephen Marley, who took a likeness to his music. Yvad’s musical career then began after being introduced to Cedella Marley who eventually became his manager. His notoriety increased while he was being groomed in the Tuff Gong camp along with the children of reggae royalty, Bob Marley. The release of his first album titled, “Young Gifted & Dread” was recorded at Tuff Gong Recording Studio, and it gathered international attention. During that time Yvad embraced Rasta Fari and his talent was so rigorous & prominent that his first single “We Need Love”, won an award at the Jamaican Music Award as best produced single in 1995. Yvad was then touring the world with the Marleys & was then featured in a reggae special that was produced for & rotated heavily on BET. In 1997 Yvad was featured in the Marley Magic in New York City, Central Park along with the Marley family, Rita, Ziggy, Cedella, Stephen, Julian and Damion.

Yvad later went on tour with artists such as mighty diamonds, Israel Vibration, Bunny Wailer, Andrew Tosh and the Wailers world tour. He performed at world events, such as, Reggae on the River, Reggae Sun-Splash, Marley Magic tour and etc. He was also featured on Caribbean Billboard TV, Rockers TV and various radio stations world-wide. Yvad built his own recording studio & while helping to produce other artists formed his own record label called “Yvad Reggae”. During this time he was signed to Ras Records where he worked with Dr. Dread to produce the album called “Reggae for Kids”. Reggae for Kids got a world- wide recognition. He later ventured on a new album in 2004 at the Ruff – Stuff Recording Studio in Brooklyn. The new album was titled “Justice”. Yvad said, “This album “Justice” is to send a message about the issues of the world today, the struggles of the people to get justice & the price that mankind have to pay for justice”. With his family being the cornerstone of his life, Yvad wrote and composed a song, “Oh Mother”, as a tribute to his own mother, and actually wrote this beautiful song while sitting right in front of her playing his guitar.

Yvad started touring with the wailers in 2006 up until 2013 as their lead singer and still manage to do his own solo music career. He has motivated fans all over the world with his music and also the legacy of the great Bob Marley. Touring with the Wailers has made Yvad into a world renound artist whose music is widely appreciated.

in 2008 Yvad continued his musical journey and secured a record deal with Victor Simpson and Nubeat Entertainment, in Kingston Jamaica where he produced his latest album “The Sojourner” with producers Victor Simpson, Clive Hunt and Wayne Hammond of Chalice Band. The cover of this album is featured on various bus stops in Jamaica and is currently distributed by VP Records. He had recently recorded another album with producer Clive Hunt at Tuff Gong Recording Studios in Kingston, Jamaica.

Yvad is a rare and precious gem who continues to promote the spirituality of reggae music and to hold firm as he waits for others to enjoy & explore what he has to offer in the music industry. “With every great artist”, said Yvad, “there is consciousness, great lyrics, great melody and love for all fans”. Yvad is an artist who reveals the true meaning of reggae music, “love, peace and unity” and that’s what makes the music true to our culture.

The Voices Of Glory

The Voices of Glory are a group of siblings (Michael, Avery, & Nadia Cole) whose unique style of singing harmonies, pitch perfect sound, and shining personalities have led to some amazing success at a young age. From landing in the top 5 of America’s Got Talent in 2009 to touring nationally and internationally, performing at the Annual GMA’s Dove Awards, the 2010 & 2011 ICM Awards, at Madison Square, on NBC, CBS, FOX, TBN, BET ANGEL, to being a featured act in Andy William’s 2012 Christmas Show and now to their own show, Ayo, in Branson, Missouri, the Voices of Glory have inspired millions with their personal story. They started to sing together in 2007 when their mother was in a coma brought on by a head-on collision with a drunk driver. For months they serenaded their mother and she eventually came out of a coma.

Sinai Rose

For up-and-coming singer/songwriter Sinai Rose, a chance prank phone call to a family friend may have been just the ticket to kick-start her career. The first break for the 12-year-old powerhouse performer came as a result of her playful nature combined with her signature talent.
“My mom was in the kitchen cooking and I decided to prank call one of her old music business friends, Audrey Martell,” remembers Sinai. “I left a voicemail singing one of her songs. She called back and asked. ‘Whose voice was that? Where did that voice come from?’” My mom was like, ‘Oh, yeah, that was Sinai.’ Audrey said, ‘We have to get in the studio to record something.’ That’s when the wheels started spinning and everything fell into place.”
Sinai Rose (pronounced suh-NIGH) is the only child of Shannon Cook, a music journalist/talent manager, and Kevin Davy, a reggae artist/musician who performs with The Wailers. They raised their daughter in an artistic environment and she embraced the opportunity to perform whenever she could. “My father would always have a band in the basement and I used to burst into the studio and take over the session,” she laughs. “I remember singing for my father’s friends when I was three. Back then it was probably something from Sesame Street.”
A triple-threat, Sinai has flexed her musical, acting and dancing muscles in everything from off-Broadway productions (Keep on Walking) to guest appearances on Nickelodeon shows (Naked Brothers Band Season 2 County Fair) to astonishing crowds at the acclaimed Apollo Theater Amateur Night and haseven appeared in various television commercials.
Sinai Rose is now the first original artist signing for KIDZ BOP, the most-popular and recognized music series in the U.S. for kids, celebrating the unique, authentic voice of kids. KIDZ BOP music titles have sold more than 11 million copies and earned 9 Gold® certifications since their debut in 2001. Rose is preparing her debut release for 2010 and her first single “LOL” is a featured track on the KIDZ BOP music series release KIDZ BOP 16 out on August 4th, 2009. Sinai is featured in the direct television advertising campaign and in the album packaging as well as prominently on the enormously popular KIDZBOP.com. A music video for “LOL” will debut later this summer.
Sinai co-writes all her music and lyrics and works with an impressive team including producers Jens Gad (Enigma, Sandra), Toby Gad (Beyonce, Fergie, The Veronicas), and Mattias Gustafsson (Backstreet Boys), as well as songwriters Kerrie Roberts and Audrey Martell.
Young listeners will feel the high-energy girl power anthems and be empowered by tracks like “Back Packin,” and the sassy “I Fought A Boy,” in which Sinai rocks out while remembering a particularly tough day at school when some rambunctious classmates made the mistake of picking on her in the hallway. As she says in the lyric, “I fought a boy……and I won!”

Phil Gates

Winner! Best Live CD Doc’s Blues Hour UK 2014 -“Phil Gates Live at The Hermosa Saloon”

Grammy Ballot Consideration 2014 -“Phil Gates Live at The Hermosa Saloon”

Blues Music Awards Ballot Best Self Produced CD Consideration 2014 – “Phil Gates Live at The Hermosa Saloon”

Winner! Best Self Produced CD 2013 Santa Clarita Valley Blues Society -“Phil Gates Live at The Hermosa Saloon”

Winner! Beale Street Blues Kings Competition

Winner! Southern California Blues Society Blues Battle of the Bands

“Phil Gates Live at the Hermosa Saloon”

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