July 27, 2014 kinglyte

Grady Harrell Vegas Entertainer

Through combining his talents in singing, dancing, and acting, Grady Harrell II has had numerous opportunities to work with a variety of well known music artists, land acting roles on television, while at the same time recording and performing as a solo artist. His years of experience in the music business began at the age of 9 when he began to teach himself to sing while looking up to his role model Smokey Robinson.
A native of Los Angeles, California, Grady Harrell was born into a musical family where singing was (and still is) a way of life. His mother, Evelyn Harrell, (a singer as well) was in the group Friends of Distinction while his grandmother, Essie King, was a “classical singer/teacher”. Grady persisted in sharpening his vocal skills, and at twelve years old he formed a group called Young Gents. He also formed a very popular group called Papa’s Results while he was in high school. This group (which also included his sister Rocq-e) remained active for over a span of more than six years. They soon gained opportunities to work with artist such as Shalamar and The Whispers just to name a few.
Grady Harrell’s stamina, talent, and love for music are strongly evident through his three solo albums: “Mwana” (1985) on Solar/MCA Records, “Come Play with Me” (1989) on RCA Records, and “Romance Me” (1990) on RCA Record. In recent years, he has done tours in Europe with his sister Rocq-E, as leading vocalist in a Motown/Atlantic theater production called “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.” He usually makes appearances in Holland several months per year where the fans are
very welcoming and are more than appreciative of his soulful singing.
Currently Grady Harrell is in the process of recording a new album for Cliff Hanger Records where
Chris Dixon, C.E.O. of the record label, is producing the album.
In 1991 Grady Harrell was offered the role of Sam Cooke in the “Jerry Jonas Stage Play”, another
Saturday Night in which he played alongside Lawanda Page. And in 1992, Jermaine Jackson chose
Grady Harrell personally to play the Legendary Singer Jackie Wilson in the acclaimed “The Jacksons
an American Dream”. Grady went on to star in numerous stage productions in Hollywood and overseas.
In addition, in 2004 Grady Harrell got the chance to travel the world singing on stage with the legendary
singer Patti LaBelle.
Grady Harrell is currently touring with The Groove City Band/f Grady Harrell at a theater near you!