July 27, 2014 kinglyte


In Kingston Jamaica, a star was born. At three years old he moved to the hills of Spaldings, in the parish of Clarendon. Kevin Davy, aka “Yvad” has been in the music business since he was a child, playing the guitar, piano & voicing in the choir of the Moravian Church. His musical inspiration came from his uncle & his grandfather during that time. Yvad eventually bloomed into a realistic music song writer, producer & singer. He has created his own genre to be the true art form of reggae culture music. After graduating from high school (Knox College) in 1993, Yvad embarked upon a mission to build on his music career in Kingston. During that time Yvad was already inspired by the music of the legendary Bob Marley & Peter Tosh. Upon arriving in Kingston, Yvad could not wait to visit Tuff Gong. One day while at the Tuff Gong Museum, Yvad was doing an acoustic piece with his guitar when he was approached by Stephen Marley, who took a likeness to his music. Yvad’s musical career then began after being introduced to Cedella Marley who eventually became his manager. His notoriety increased while he was being groomed in the Tuff Gong camp along with the children of reggae royalty, Bob Marley. The release of his first album titled, “Young Gifted & Dread” was recorded at Tuff Gong Recording Studio, and it gathered international attention. During that time Yvad embraced Rasta Fari and his talent was so rigorous & prominent that his first single “We Need Love”, won an award at the Jamaican Music Award as best produced single in 1995. Yvad was then touring the world with the Marleys & was then featured in a reggae special that was produced for & rotated heavily on BET. In 1997 Yvad was featured in the Marley Magic in New York City, Central Park along with the Marley family, Rita, Ziggy, Cedella, Stephen, Julian and Damion.

Yvad later went on tour with artists such as mighty diamonds, Israel Vibration, Bunny Wailer, Andrew Tosh and the Wailers world tour. He performed at world events, such as, Reggae on the River, Reggae Sun-Splash, Marley Magic tour and etc. He was also featured on Caribbean Billboard TV, Rockers TV and various radio stations world-wide. Yvad built his own recording studio & while helping to produce other artists formed his own record label called “Yvad Reggae”. During this time he was signed to Ras Records where he worked with Dr. Dread to produce the album called “Reggae for Kids”. Reggae for Kids got a world- wide recognition. He later ventured on a new album in 2004 at the Ruff – Stuff Recording Studio in Brooklyn. The new album was titled “Justice”. Yvad said, “This album “Justice” is to send a message about the issues of the world today, the struggles of the people to get justice & the price that mankind have to pay for justice”. With his family being the cornerstone of his life, Yvad wrote and composed a song, “Oh Mother”, as a tribute to his own mother, and actually wrote this beautiful song while sitting right in front of her playing his guitar.

Yvad started touring with the wailers in 2006 up until 2013 as their lead singer and still manage to do his own solo music career. He has motivated fans all over the world with his music and also the legacy of the great Bob Marley. Touring with the Wailers has made Yvad into a world renound artist whose music is widely appreciated.

in 2008 Yvad continued his musical journey and secured a record deal with Victor Simpson and Nubeat Entertainment, in Kingston Jamaica where he produced his latest album “The Sojourner” with producers Victor Simpson, Clive Hunt and Wayne Hammond of Chalice Band. The cover of this album is featured on various bus stops in Jamaica and is currently distributed by VP Records. He had recently recorded another album with producer Clive Hunt at Tuff Gong Recording Studios in Kingston, Jamaica.

Yvad is a rare and precious gem who continues to promote the spirituality of reggae music and to hold firm as he waits for others to enjoy & explore what he has to offer in the music industry. “With every great artist”, said Yvad, “there is consciousness, great lyrics, great melody and love for all fans”. Yvad is an artist who reveals the true meaning of reggae music, “love, peace and unity” and that’s what makes the music true to our culture.